• When Is it Time To Refinish or Replace Your Floors?

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    It is widely considered that hardwood floors are sign of a quality built home. The attributes of hardwood floors include timeless beauty and charm, longevity as well as a health benefit of being hypoallergenic.  But like everything in life, care and maintenance need to be addressed from time to time.  And in this instance, the question will be posed:  How do you know when it’s time to refinished or possibly replace your hardwood floors?

    As suspected, it’s almost always less expensive to refinish than replace hardwood floors.  Most hardwood floors  can be restored to their original beauty with professional refinishing and care. Should some planks need to be replaced due to warping or termite damage, this can be typically done fairly easily. Stains can often be reduced or removed by sanding down to raw wood and applying new stain. Refinishing floors is a process that can take anywhere from 3 days to several weeks, but the results can often be very successful.

    Although refinishing hardwood floors is preferable, sometimes the flooring is beyond repair.  If more than a third of a floor’s boards are damaged, the cost and labor to repair the floors is probably sufficient to consider replacing the entire floor.  Another thought to consider is that hardwood floors can only be refinished so many times. So if your floors need more than 30% replacement, and also has experienced the maximum refinishing times recommended, it is highly recommended to consider replacing your hardwood floors.   With all considered, it is most likely less expensive and more practical to replace your hardwood flooring.

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