• How to Maintain Engineered Hardwood Floors

    mcdonald hardwood flooring cleaning medEngineered hardwood floors can maintain their beautiful appeal for many years with the proper care.   Since engineered hardwood is actually made from wood, the cleaning methods are very similar to any other type of wood flooring.

    The steps are easy and the results are wonderful when then steps are followed:

    • Keep your engineered flooring swept, clean, and dry daily.
    • To clean, use either a vacuum cleaner with a soft flooring attachment, or a broom.
    • A dry dust mop can be used to remove dirt and debris from the floor.
    • Spills must be wiped up right away. Excessive water or liquid can cause irreversible damage to your flooring.
    • It is recommended to use mats or rugs at all entrances to keep dirt, moisture, grains of sand, and debris away from your floors. This will help keep the upper wear layer and finish of your floor safe for many years.
    • Avoid walking on your floors with spiky heals.
    • Wax-based cleaners, harsh detergents, or steel wool should never used to clean engineered hardwood flooring.



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